Disneyland Paris Parades 2023

On 10 July, I visited Disneyland Paris for the park’s 30th Anniversary. I saw my trip as the perfect opportunity to start the 2023 carnival season.

There was an additional parade this year as part of the 30th Anniversary. The celebratory parade was titled ‘Dream… and Shine Brighter!’ and featured 4 small towing vehicles with characters such as Mickey, Minnie and so many more from various Disney movies.

The ‘Stars on Parade’ procession travelled past the famous Sleeping Beauty castle and up Main Street USA. This procession featured carts based on the Disney films Toy Story, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Peter Pan, Finding Nemo and Frozen. All the Disney Princesses also made an appearance in the parade.

You can watch my videos from the two processions here

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