Taunton Carnival 2019

On Saturday 19th October, the last carnival on the South Somerset Carnival Circuit was held.

Here are the results from the carnival (From Taunton Carnival Committee) and some pictures from Tom!

CLASS 1 – Feature Cart
1st- The Ironworks, Harlequin CC
2nd- Party with MYLCC, Make You Laugh CC
3rd- The Railway Children-A Musical, The Brewhouse

CLASS 2 – Tableaux Cart
1st- Butterfly Ball, Gemini CC

CLASS 3 – Comic Cart
1st- Whats Cooking, Nunsford Nutters CC
2nd- Dunk Yer Nuts, One Plus One CC

CLASS 4 – Youth Tableaux / Feature
1st- Mini Heroes 4 Hire, Juniors Reloaded CC

CLASS 5 – Open
1st- Spirited, Zem CC
2nd- Ghouls Graveyard, Generations CC
3rd- Acklands Live Wires, Molton Fathers
3rd- Rabbits Day Out, Leprechauns CC

CLASS 6 – Single Walking Adult
1st- Crafty, Spirit CC
2nd- Down Lambeth Way, Judy Williams

CLASS 7 – Single Walking Juvenile
1st- Hakuna Matata, Kai Newbery

CLASS 8 – Pair Walking
1st- Rhinestone Cowboys, Friends CC
2nd – Blaze v Glacier, Sister Act CC
3rd – Last of the Elemental Guardians, Tizzys CC

CLASS 9 – Group Walking
1st- Dick Whittington 2020, Wellington Pantomime Group
2nd- Leave no Trace, Family’s R Us

CLASS 10 – Walking Open
1st- Tribe, Xtreme CC
2nd- Cuthbert, A&A CC
3rd- Cubs Car Chaos, Staplegrove Scout Group

CLASS 11 – Traders Display
1st- Aladdin, Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre
2nd- Wookey Hole
3rd- Bob Davies Transport

CLASS 12 – Majorettes
1st- Merriot Majorettes
2nd- Ilminster Majorettes
3rd- Wellington Majorettes

CLASS 13 – Children / Youth Walking
1st- Villains and Heroes, Blackbrook & Silver Street Guides

CLASS 15 – Feature, Tableaux or Comic (Under 50′)
1st- Guy Fawkes Cart, Bridgwater Carnival Committee
2nd- Chard Carnival Royalty

Best Local Entry- Ghouls Graveyard, Generations CC
Float with Best Costumes- Butterfly Ball, Gemini CC
Best Lorry Build Up- Butterfly Ball, Gemini CC
Queen’s Choice- The Ironworks, Harlequin CC

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